A “One Up” Experience!

A good number of my students here at Ryerson University appeared to have recognised the “market value” of their collaborative work with their UK contemporaries. No less than half a dozen told me that they are emphasizing their experiences and what they have learnt on the CVs. Yes, it’s looking for jobs time here in Canada!!

A couple actually did get to talk about it during their interviews and by all accounts, their prospective employers seemed thrilled and excited. At this point, these two individuals have no letters of offer yet, but I shall keep you informed. So, yes, though some expressed trepidations and unease at the beginning, some struggled with teams members whom they wished could have work harder, in the end, most if not all told me that it was a great learning experience – an experience they felt was important to affirm on the CVs and during their interviews.

So, question is: “Does it help towards our graduates’ employability?” I don’t know for certain until someday when I get a chance to talk to these two prospective employers personally whom I know well.

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